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​toxic city

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Life in the background, up and down the mountain
Then it's back to the flat ground, hold me while I'm drownin'
If tonight was my last night, I would keep on countin'
Till the reaper got a hold of me, then I would take my last flight

Wherever did you go? I've been waitin' for weeks
I don't think I'm gonna make it, but don't take it from me
So it seems every time that I die, I wake up
When it's time to meet my maker, I'll be ready for him

Got your glass slippers on, lookin' like you're Cinderella
Girl, what you sippin' on? Room spinnin' like propellers
Boy, what you trippin' on? How I make these pussies jealous
Watch your girl sing along, say she want an acapella

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